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        Xinhao has more than 400 professional engineering and technical personnel, to provide customers with solutions at any time. From the mold design, development, rapid prototyping to ODM, a series of services to our customers in the market. At the same time, customers benefit from our advanced internal reliability laboratories, to share with us the professional knowledge and the technology of electronic manufacturing services , reduce costs and time for the new parts release to the market

        Tooling Engineering Center

        The mold design center was founded in 2003, has at least 10 years experience of design and development complex and precision mold.

        • ?? Using UG software for product and mold design, to ensure the consistency from design to the programming process.
        • ?? Using FLOM MOLD injection software to simulate the flow analysis, to ensure that the mold design is reasonable
        • ?? 60 professional mold design engineers to ensure a strong mold design and development capabilities

        Industry Manufacture Research Center

        XinHao make customized tooling solutions and systems with engineering services as the company's core strategic capabilities, including mold design, function module and control system. We have a significant strategic advantage on the mobile devise, smart electronics devise and consumer electronics devise. So these unique industry leading capability create more added value for customers.

        R & D Service

        • ?? DFM Feasibility Assessment
        • ?? ID Design
        • ?? Mold Design
        • ?? Mold Manufacturing
        • ?? Surface Treatment Scheme
        • ?? Engineering Design, Schematic And Layout
        • ?? The Component Design
        • ?? Cost Optimization
        • ?? Design of FMEA and other

        Precision Plastic, Metal Die Development And Manufacturing

        XinHao has the first-class mold expert and design team, can provide customer an excellent development and manufacturing for precision molds with high efficient.

        • ?? Precision Plastic Mold
        • ?? Metal Stamping Die
        • ?? Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting Mold
        • ?? Liquid Silicone Rubber Mold
        • ?? Precision Tooling, Test Fixture